What is Maine-eDNA?



An effort spanning the state of Maine and multiple years.


Awarded Funding

Growing Maine's workforce by creating opportunities in significant research areas across the state.



Federal, state, private, and public.



A state-wide, multi-institutional initiative establishing Maine as a national leader in environmental monitoring, ecological understanding and sustainability of coastal ecosystems through research, education, and outreach.

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Maine-eDNA is a 5-year research, education and outreach program that seeks to transform our understanding and sustainability of Maine’s coastal ecosystems via environmental DNA (eDNA) innovations that unlock new scales of inference and new scales of collaboration.

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Original Funding Source

RII Track-1: Molecule to Ecosystem: Environmental DNA as a Nexus of Coastal Ecosystem Sustainability for Maine (Maine-eDNA) is supported by National Science Foundation award #OIA-1849227 to Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine.

What is eDNA?

Environmental DNA is the genetic material left behind by organisms in their environments as a byproduct of their natural life and death processes.

Global Impact

Scientists around the world collect and share DNA data to study medical, agricultural and evolutionary questions. eDNA can help us understand how species — the building blocks of communities — interact to make ecosystems function.

Data Integration

One of the project’s main goals is to share and integrate the data with other monitoring efforts in Maine’s coastal communities. Massive amounts of eDNA data can be used to study many future questions.


Growing Partnerships

The strategic plan partnerships have facilitated growth and inclusion of federal, state, public, and private institutions, communities, and individuals.

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